Light FX dynamic link library (AlienFX)

-What it is:

This is a custom dynamic link library (DLL) intended for Clevo models with backlit keyboards. It provides a compatibility layer between Clevo machines and the LightFX API for the games that support it

-Why not include it in the Backlight controller thread?
While technically it appears to do the same job as the Backlight controller, in reality it’s a totally different piece of software. It helps me manage your reports and requests easier. Please post only Light FX related questions on this thread

-Project status:
A first public beta is available for download

Clevos have few keyboard colors so some effects might not be enjoyed to their full potential

-Hotkey driver MUST be installed and working.
-.NET 4.5 is required. Windows 8 have it by default. Other systems need to install it by hand.

Run the setup and follow the instructions
-Disabling effect temporarily
You can do it via the Backlight controller app with the option to enable/disable the effects

Keep in mind that this is still a BETA.
It means that bugs are normal to be found. We will try to address them in turn but you’ll have to be patient.
I’d welcome any comments or bugs you may have to report but in order to make it easier I want you to always post your specs along with a detailed explanation of what you are reporting.
Also make sure that the problem is repeatable.

This is freeware. You may use it freely. I would appreciate distributors interested contacting one of us first .

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